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Hanmar Dumpster Rentals

Elevating Waste Management Your Reliable Partner in Milwaukee


Hanmar Dumpster Rentals


637 S 9th St
Milwaukee Wisconsin 53204


(414) 432-3035

Hanmar Dumpster Rentals offers efficient waste management solutions for residents and businesses. You can choose from a variety of dumpster sizes to suit any project. Proudly serving Milwaukee and surrounding areas, we provide reliable local dumpster rental services to streamline your waste disposal needs. Our recycling options allow you to make environmentally-friendly choices. Hanmar Dumpster Rentals simplifies waste management."


About Milwaukee

Milwaukee ( mil-WAH-kee) is a city in the U.S. state of Wisconsin and the county seat of Milwaukee County. With a population of 577,222 at the 2020 census, Milwaukee is the 31st most populous city in the United States, the fifth-largest city in the Midwest, and the largest city in the state of Wisconsin. It is the central city of the Milwaukee metropolitan area, the 40th most populous metropolitan area in the United States. Milwaukee is categorized as a "Gamma minus" city by the Globalization and World Cities Research Network, with a regional GDP of over $102 billion in 2020.Milwaukee is an ethnically and culturally diverse city. However, it continues to be one of the most racially segregated cities, largely as a result of early-20th-century redlining.



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